Sub-Atlantic of Aberdeen and SeeByte of Edinburgh, the global leader in creating smart software technology for unmanned systems, have successfully integrated and delivered SeeTrack CoPilot with a Sub-Atlantic Mohawk to Geodetic Offshore Services Limited (GOSL) of Nigeria.

GOSL recently purchased the Mohawk Inspection Class ROV to offer offshore pipeline surveys, inspection surveys and tooling capabilities in order to support the growing needs of their clients. Realising the benefits of the solutions offered by SeeByte’s SeeTrack CoPilot software, GOSL have purchased a SeeTrack licence to accompany the Mohawk. The system was demonstrated and accepted at the Sub-Atlantic test tank in Blackburn, Aberdeenshire on Tuesday 12 April.

“It was great to have GOSL witness their new SeeTrack CoPilot software in action with their Mohawk ROV,” commented Ioseba, sales manager at SeeByte.

“SeeTrack CoPilot offers a range of benefits for ROV service providers, the intuitive interface makes piloting the ROV a simple point-and-click task. This means that the performance and data gathered during subsea inspections is much improved.”

Having never piloted an ROV prior to this demo, Emanuel Ekpeyong CEO of GOSL, was given the opportunity to discover for himself the advantages in using SeeTrack software.

“I was very pleased to see for myself how easy it was to control the ROV using SeeTrack,” commented Ekpeyong. “The concentration and skill required to manually manoeuvre the vehicle shows what a difficult task pilots are faced with, and by simply adding SeeTrack CoPilot, the mission becomes a much simpler and efficient act. I am looking forward to providing this capability to my pilots and also improving the standard of service available to oil companies.”

“This has been an interesting project and we have worked hard to ensure that GOSL are satisfied with their system,” said John Ferguson from Sub-Atlantic. “I am certain that the Mohawk is going to be of great value to GOSL and their customers.”

SeeTrack CoPilot software can now be integrated to all Sub-Atlantic ROVs.