The upcoming release of WADER – Version 8.2 – is currently undergoing testing prior to release during the second half of 2020. Nearly 18 months of development was involved in creating version 8.1, which focused heavily on MultiStatic Sonar Performance Prediction. Version 8.2 will focus more on charting and the upload of user data.

WADER V8.2 will allow users to upload their own very high-resolution bathymetry data for use in sonar range prediction calculations and refine previous capability for uploading your own high-resolution profiles. 8.2 will include a set of new ‘sub-surface’ charts, showing sound speed, temperature and salinity at over 40 depths between the surface and 1000m. Existing charts have also been upgraded to use newer data.

A new measuring tool has been added to provide individual and waypoint distance measurements to supplement the existing track measurement capability. Subsampling algorithms have also been introduced to significantly reduce the processing time for creating the 3D probability of detection charts from a couple of minutes to, in some cases, a couple of seconds.

OAD hope that the results will be welcomed by our broad user base and look forward to sharing these updates, as well as others not mentioned, in the coming months.