RTsys is proud to confirm a multi-million euro contract with the State of the Netherlands for the supply of seven SEMA: Portable and Recoverable ASW Training Target.

SEMA has been awarded as the easiest autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) to operate and to offer the widest range of acoustic training capabilities: acoustic echo-repeater (1 to 33 kHz); five bands for active sonar frequency; two bands for active homing torpedo; six narrowband (200 Hz to 38 kHz); two broadband (450 Hz to 8 kHz and 10 to 23 kHz) and, to finish, an acoustic recorder with data encryption.

These acoustic features will allow both Dutch and Belgium Forces to train in real conditions to the localisation and tracking of a submarine.

The reputable and major navies of the Netherlands and Belgium will join the large panel of worldwide current users of SEMA, and will bring RTsys to a further level in terms of supplies and high-level project management.

SEMA is an autonomous, recoverable, acoustic target dedicated to ASW training and torpedo firing exercise. It is operable from all kinds of platforms such as surface ships, submarines, helicopters and ASW aircraft.

Easy to deploy even from a RHIB, the navigation route is plotted with either waypoints or segments. Different types of training modes such as passive, active and combined acoustics can be programmed.

SEMA is easy to operate and recover and is reconfigurable in one hour with a spare battery.

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