SAES exhibited at the 1st International Mine-Countermeasures Congress (CICMM), which took place in Brazil, between 17-18 October.

The company spoke about its naval mines and ranging stations at the Brazillian Navy-organised event. The exhibition took place at the Escola de Guerra Naval in Rio de Janeiro.

Navantia and SAES sponsored the event and participated with a shared stand. Furthermore, SAES offered a presentation as subject matter expert.

SAES participates as a company specializing in smart naval mines and signature intelligence

During the congress, the company offered a presentation entitled: “Key Issues for a Smarter Naval Mine”, in which the main features of multi-influence naval mines MINEA has been explained as well as the advanced multi-influence range system MIRS.

SAES’ speaker explained that when these two systems are combined with the multiple embedded sensors on different types of units, we are really talking of smart naval mines and using them efficiently. “From that moment on, the most robust and efficient warfare threat is provided”, the company assured.

Additionally, the ever-increasing technology changes and the current and future impact was analysed in order to forecast what we can expect in the next years.

This congress has arisen after the “III Simposium on Naval Minewarfare”, which was celebrated in Salvador de Bahía in 2015 and where SAES also participated by presenting an article about multi-influence signatures.

This symposium was held at the MCM Base in Brazil, and focused on technical issues, which were directed at specialised attendees.