According to Our World in Data, approximately 86% of the world population over 15 is considered literate. However, this number is often considered to be skewed by the inequality of developed versus developing countries.

For example, many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa still have literacy rates below 30%. As a result, communicating ideas and concepts is difficult in these locations through the standard written word.

To combat these challenges, Galcom International has focused on using the spoken word via broadcasting radio to communicate the teachings of Christianity. To broadcast their message, the Galcom team uses a few different radio devices made in-house, including the compass and the streamer.

However, in recent years, they have been asked to install small FM radio stations in conflict areas where there is a real possibility of the station being vandalised or equipment stolen. They have also been asked to assist with relief efforts during power
outages in remote areas. In response, they developed the OmniStation, which uses a CP Cases SatRack to house a fully functioning microphone-to-antenna solution that can be deployed in less than an hour.

Galcom Executive Director Tim Whitehead said: “Our partners reported that in one case, their workers had to flee a village under attack and were able to quickly disconnect the power source and the coax to the antenna and flee with the equipment (a $12,000 investment). They continued broadcasting in a refugee camp until they were
able to return to the village earlier this year.”

The SatRack is an extremely lightweight 19in rack-mount transit case designed specifically for applications such as Galcom’s. The honeycomb polypropylene shell ensures the entire system is light enough to be carried by one individual. The internal
chassis is shock-mounted so the broadcast components are isolated from substantial shock and vibration forces during transport on foot or in a vehicle and during
operation. They are also IATA-compliant so the full system can easily be transported as aeroplane baggage to locations all over the world.

Using the SatRack as the carrying module for the OmniStation has ensured these broadcasters can and will be able to operate indefinitely even in the most challenging