This latest release builds on WADER’s well-established sonar performance prediction and global ocean information capabilities while introducing significant new features to help users. Just some of the new capabilities include:

User bathymetry data

Upload user high-resolution bathymetry data (Esri Raster File ASCII format) on the Main Screen and use it for sonar performance predictions. Render the seabed in 3D within the 3D Dynamic Area Display and pass the data to the Analysis Screen for in-depth acoustical analysis.  The file format is ideal for higher frequency sonar range predictions.

Subsurface charts

Our global sub-surface charts allow users to analyse the changes in temperature, salinity, and sound speed at dozens of standard depths between 5m and 1000m throughout the year. The charts enable operators to rapidly evaluate their environment and identify features that could provide an operational advantage.

New measuring tool

A simple but invaluable addition providing users with the ability to measure the length of features such as dead zones and high probability of detections areas.

A full list of upgrades and further details relating to WADER and version 8.2 can be found on our website.