L3 OceanServer has announced its successful participation in the Advanced Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX), an annual event held at the Naval Undersea Warfare Centre in Newport, Rhode Island, US, where the future of naval technologies is demonstrated.

L3 OceanServer’s presence included 12 Iver Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs), the largest UUV showing at ANTX.

Iver vehicles successfully completed seven missions at the event, including three customer-operated missions, showcasing new technology payloads and advanced command and control (C2) capabilities. One successful exercise integrated the Marine Magnetics internal magnetometer into an Iver UUV for the collection of magnetometer data over a simulated minefield.

An Iver4 concept vehicle demonstrated battery power endurance and system efficiency by completing a long ingress / egress mission. The vehicle started its mission with a 15-nautical-mile ingress, was retasked on arrival to survey a simulated minefield and finished with a three-nautical-mile egress. On mission completion, 57% of battery power remained.

L3 OceanServer general manager Daryl Slocum said: “As undersea missions evolve, our dialogue with naval customers has consistently reiterated the need for a portable vehicle that can complete long-duration missions.

“The Iver4 offers a broad range of innovative technologies, including various power options, to execute these demanding missions.”