exponaval 2018SAES is participating at the Exponaval International Naval and Marine Exhibition and Congress for Latin America, from 4-7 December in Valparaiso, Chile.

SAES, which exhibits its solutions in a shared stand-together with Navantia, has been visited by the Chilean minister of Defence.

The company exhibits together with Navantia at stand 124a. SAES is the only Spanish company that designs and manufactures anti-submarine warfare systems for all types of ASW platforms. SAES is internationally renowned in this area. Furthermore, the company is at the forefront of the market in underwater signatures measurement and management.

New ASW challenges, new solutions

The operative concept of ASW missions has changed due to the emergence of new naval and aerial platforms and the fact the naval forces involved in ASW missions operate closer to the coast.

SAES, based on its wide experience, provides different ASW systems, which are capable of processing digital sonobuoys as well as multi-static processing, in order to improve the threat detection rate.

exponaval 2018

SPAS system is a solution for MPAs. It is an acoustic system to detect, localize and track submarines and surface ships based on analysis of acoustic signals acquired by deployed passive and active sonobuoys both analogue and digital versions. SPAS system works totally integrated into the Tactical Mission Center.

ROASW system is the solution indicated for naval warships and helos. Besides it being a powerful acoustic processor, ROASW provides interoperability among different platforms (surface ships as frigates or corvettes, helicopters, UAVs, etc.) achieving an common operations scenario among all the resources deployed.

Specifically, ROASW and SPAS systems have been commercialized besides of Spain, in Brasil, Chile and Swedish.

Underwater signature intelligence

SAES is also experienced in signature intelligence and provides systems for MCM platforms.

For instance, MIRS is an advanced portable system that obtains the complete signature (Acoustic, Magnetic and Electrical) of a submarine or surface ship. Furthermore, MIRS can be used as a discrete device to gather underwater signature intelligence information or as a tool to verify the ship-signature levels before a mission.