EXPAL exhibited its proposal in weapon systems, naval and army ammunition, technology systems and demilitarisation services in this international maritime exposition in Sydney between 3-5 October.

EXPAL provides a wide range of naval products and systems in service in 20 countries. As a leader in large calibre naval artillery, EXPAL integrates the latest technologies in fuzes, propellants and other key components to maximise effectiveness and interoperability for a variety of missions. EXPAL designs and tests these products to achieve maximum quality, safety and effectiveness.

EXPAL designs, develops and manufactures ammunition that is fully compatible with the most important naval guns, such as 40mm and 76mm in all its variants, as well as the industry-leading 5in / 127mm gun mountings. Our wide portfolio includes target practice rounds with and without tracer, as well as combat proven high-explosive shells projecting natural or pre-formed fragments.

In addition to its naval artillery, EXPAL boasts a complete underwater ammunition range, as well as underwater warhead design, qualification and Insensitive Munition filling services.

As part of the offer for the Army, EXPAL exhibited at Pacific its complete solutions in weapons systems, its wide range of ammunitions and technology applications.

The company designs and manufactures EIMOS, the 81mm mortar system integrated into a high-mobility, lightweight 4×4 vehicle. This system is part of the ‘one-stop-shop’ solution that EXPAL showed at the international demonstration for mortar systems last November. This integrated solution provides a complete offer to meet all mission needs in artillery and infantry operations. This proposal is completed with mortar systems (60mm, 81mm and 120mm), fire support information system (TECHFIRE), mini-UAV as forward observer (SHEPHERD-MIL) and the tactical training simulator for mortar units (SIMOX).

EXPAL, as a global expert in demolition material, showcased at the exposition its high-technology solutions for operations against Improvised Explosive Device Defence (C/IED) and Explosive Ordnance Disposal services (EOD). The company is a leader in demilitarisation services thanks to more than 40 years of experience, capabilities and processes based on recovering, recycling and re-using the 99% removed materials. EXPAL carries on worldwide demilitarisation projects with armed forces and international institutions.

As experts in ammunition and explosives, EXPAL manages its entire lifecycle from design, development, manufacture and maintenance, until its destruction at the end of its lifecycle.

EXPAL’s team showcased all these solutions for the defence sector at booth 1C6.