DSIT will showcase its Underwater Security and ASW systems at Euronaval 2018 in Paris, France, from 23-26 October.

For the past two decades, DSIT has been developing and implementing a wide scope of capabilities for the naval arena. DSIT provides sonar, underwater security & acoustic analysis solutions for naval, HLS and energy markets. Among these is DSIT’s Shield™ family of Underwater Security Systems, which provides long-range automatic detection and classification for all types of underwater threats and had been sold to tier 1 customers around the world.

The following Systems will be showcased at the show:

  • Blackfish™ HMS (Hull-Mounted Sonar) – an advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) system. The compact sonar design provides superior performance while maintaining minimal footprint on the vessel.
  • AquaShield™ DDS– long range, automatic underwater security system for the protection of critical coastal and offshore sites. The system supports the detection of underwater threats such as divers and Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs).
  • PointShield™ PDDS – a portable version of the company’s Diver Detection Sonar for the protection .of surface vessels from the threat of underwater intrusion and sabotage.
  • Portable Acoustic Range (PAR) – used to accurately measure the radiated noise of ships and submarines to maintaining the vessels’ low noise signature.
  • SeaShield™ SAS – static active sonar that is used as a coastal underwater surveillance system for long-range detection of hostile submarines.
  • Sonar simulators and trainers – including the company’s state of the art Full Mission Submarine Tactical Trainer.

Please visit us at booth F79.