DSIT Solutions has signed a contract with a well-respected undisclosed Asian navy for the supply of its Bow Mounted Sonar (BMS) protection system against submarines.

Recently launched BMS system is designed for installation on frigates and offshore patrol vessels (OPVs). It provides cost-effective anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities.

The company has previously supplied other systems, including the hull-mounted sonar (HMS) and an ASW trainer to the undisclosed navy, which is a DSIT customer.

The newly purchased BMS systems, as well as the company’s HMS, are state-of-the-art sonar systems that present exceptional reliability.

They also increase the ship’s efficiency due to advanced ASW capabilities, offer extremely high detection and tracking ranges, reduced maintenance costs and operability at high-capability levels. This order is one of many that were recently completed around the world.

DSIT BMS is a medium frequency sonar system used in ASW operations in both littoral and deep waters. The high-performance sonar system provides an advanced acoustic signal processing, as well as detects and tracks weak targets in highly-cluttered acoustic environments.

The sonar system requires a single operator and provides wide coverage and protection against multiple underwater threats, including incoming torpedoes.

DSIT business development and marketing vice-president Hanan Marom said: “Due to their full satisfaction with our HMS systems and ASW sonar trainer systems, this leading navy now returns to us to extend its modernisation process. We look forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation with this professional and advanced navy.

“DSIT’s systems are based on sophisticated breakthrough technologies that excel in performance, reliability, and quality, enabling customers to implement advanced ASW capabilities over many years.

“We are pleased that our customers are fully satisfied with our solutions, and continue upgrading their naval forces with DSIT’s systems ‒ expanding their submarine warfare readiness spectrum.”

DSIT is a pioneer and a world leader in underwater defence and security solutions based on advanced fibre-optic sensing, sonar and acoustics technologies for naval, homeland security, energy and transportation applications.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems subsidiary DSIT has been developing and implementing complete defence and security protection solutions against the various land, surface and underwater threats for the last three decades.

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