ENCE Energía y Celulosa has signed a contract with engineering and technology group SENER to build a new low-emission biomass electricity generation plant in its energy complex in Huelva, Spain.

The contract signed is a turnkey arrangement whereby SENER will design, supply, build and commission the plant, as well as operate and maintain it during the first years of operation.

The new facility will consist of an electricity generation plant using biomass from the forestry and farming industries. With a 40 MW gross nominal electricity output it will be one of the largest high-efficiency low-emission biomass renewable energy plants in Spain.

The plant is projected to enter into operation in the third quarter of 2019.

The Huelva plant will be equipped with the best available technologies, similar to the Mérida biomass plant that SENER also developed successful as a turnkey project for ENCE.

Due to the variety of types of biomass to be used, the plant will be equipped with an advanced fuel handling system, both for incoming biomass and for its preparation and storage.

The plant will also boast one of the best gas combustion and treatment systems, guaranteeing compliance with the demanding requirements of the new European standard, Best Available Techniques Reference (BREF), which establishes the best practices for the industry’s Large Combustion Plants in Europe.

Hence, for this type of plant, SENER has designed a high-efficiency regenerative thermodynamic cycle with a built-in reheater in its furnace and a double-body turbine (high and low pressure), as well as multiple extractions.

Also, the plant will be refrigerated using cooling towers. All of this will contribute to bringing the plant’s gross output to over 35 %. SENER already applied this system at the Mérida biomass plant, which in its first year of commercial operation reached an equivalent availability of 8,025 hours of operation, exceeding the client’s expectations.

Thanks to its innovative design, which brings together high efficiency and low emissions, ENCE’s new 40 MW Huelva plant will become a benchmark among biomass electricity generation plants.