As Covid-19 continues to spread, remote working is becoming the norm, fuelled by more flexible management practices and recent technological advances. However, as more and more organisations are preparing themselves for periods where staff could be forced to work remotely, experts have warned that this could pose unprecedented challenges for highly regulated industries such as financial services.

The value of the data held by the financial services industry has been a popular focus for cybercriminals. With remote working set to increase in the coming months, the industry has become an even more attractive target. As employees are using more devices like mobile phones, personal laptops and file-sharing services to access sensitive information at home, the number of access points is rising, resulting in more open doors through which cybercriminals can gain access to valuable data.

Furthermore, remote workers often fall victim to phishing scams or have their devices hacked due to weak authentication methods. This has created new security challenges for corporate IT teams. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that one of the largest thefts of customer financial data resulted from cybercriminals gaining access to an employee’s computer as they worked from home. For financial institutions, the cost in loss of reputation and trust after these attacks is significant.

So, how can businesses combat the cyberthreats presented by remote working?

Introducing the ADDERLink™ ipeps+. A powerful and flexible KVM over IP hardware-based product that brings enhanced remote access functionality to industries where security is business-critical.

Using RealVNC™ client software, computers outside the network can be securely accessed, giving users full control as if they were sat directly in front of the screen. Despite its small size, the ADDERLink ipeps+ offers high performance, including 1920×1200 video streaming at up to 30 frames per second, with non-blocking access for one local user and up to eight remote users.

The combination of a public-to-private separation network and AES encryption also reduces the risk of an external security breach, while user access profiles and integration with Microsoft Active Directory ensure internal security is not compromised.

The ADDERLink ipeps+ is a complete, secure, non-blocking approach to remote server management that uses an existing IP network, and gives staff real-time BIOS-level access to critical computers from anywhere in the world, protecting the expanding ecosystem of networks and data from the threats posed by cybercriminals.