With its newest developments, Anschütz’ SYNTACS solution evolves into an effective system of systems for critical infrastructure and coastal protection.

The SYNTACS command and control system provides operators aboard and ashore with comprehensive situational awareness and full command of the scene from a single workstation.

SYNTACS is sensor-agnostic and features advanced tactical target management that analyses and correlates data from multiple on-board navigational and surveillance systems.  It compiles an operational picture from the data and presents the operator with a clearly structured dashboard for tactical navigation, mission planning and execution, and basic combat capability.

Unlike conventional systems, which often include navigation systems, combat systems, sensors and actuators from different manufacturers, SYNTACS provides all these capabilities in one integrated package. This leads to a space-saving system design in the wheelhouse, simplifies installation and servicing, and reduces the related risks at the shipyard.

Capabilities include:

  • Solid-state radar for surveillance and navigation (type-approved).
  • Defined alarm and guard zones with integrated intercept capability.
  • Seamlessly integrated electro-optical system for identification and monitoring.
  • Integration and engagement of self-contained weapon systems.
  • Data links to share tracks, targets and a common operational picture.
  • Modules for mission management, mission data recording, or search and rescue.

SYNTACS workstations use standardised commercial-off-the-shelf technology and software modules, that offer a scalable functional range for integrated navigation, tactical command, sensors and effector control, and communications. The use of standardised hardware makes spare parts logistics easier and more flexible, and lowers cost related to spare depots.

Standardised lean system architecture and consistent user interfaces, make SYNTACS also easy to install and use on multiple units across a fleet and in shore-based control stations. The common operational picture SYNTACS creates enables interoperability among crewed-uncrewed teaming operations.

Future developments will allow remote control of patrol boats from shore, which will make monitoring coastal areas and critical infrastructure even more safe and effective. SYNTACS has already been successfully tested as a remotely control system.

SYNTACS is deployed on dozens of patrol vessels and interceptors. Anschütz is the primary mission system integrator of the HSI32 high-speed interceptors built by French shipyard CMN NAVAL.

You can learn more about SYNTACS at IDEX booth 08D44.