Many countries are searching for more sustainable power systems for their naval fleets.

Electrification has been a topic of interest for a long time. Last week, we presented our Stealth AC Drive technology for Chief of The Royal Norwegian Navy, Rear Admiral Nils Andreas Stensønes in Bergen.

STADT Lean Propulsion strategy is using the well-proven AC grid high-power network from the power generation AC generators through main AC switchboards and into the propulsion AC motors.

DC grid can be very easily obtained by rectifying the AC grid using only one component- the silicon diode – to establish a high-energy pulse load grid for novel electric weapon systems.

No harmonic distortion or electromagnetic interference needs to be generated, as long as the STADT Lean Drives are implemented. This is a very well-proven technology, scalable in power and voltage to meet the highest naval power demands.

The alternative approach, which involves using DC as the main power grid, will lead to a completely different result, where EMC, THD, complexity, size and weight will dramatically increase.

It cannot become a stealth solution as all power has to use a pulse width modulated from DC into AC and from AC into DC, keeping in mind that all relevant modern motors and alternators are AC type.

The patented STADT solution will lead to high energy flexibility, lower fuel consumption and emission, reduced maintenance on the energy sources, high operational safety, longer ship endurance and silent stealth operations.