Raytheon Anschütz, a business of Raytheon Technologies, together with CMN NAVAL and Sea Machines Robotics, has successfully demonstrated the ability to execute autonomous operations and remotely control the UHSI32, the world’s fastest autonomous interceptor vessel according to CMN.

The UHSI32 was stationed 6,000 kilometres away in Cherbourg, France, when it was remote-controlled from the CMN NAVAL booth during the World Defence Show last week. The collaboration showcased the UHSI32’s abilities in autonomous operations, mission execution and navigation. Visitors followed the camera videos of the ship and the live situation picture generated on large displays and could remotely control the UHSI32’s sensors and actuators using a joystick system and Raytheon Anschütz’s SYNTACS software.

“We are glad that the showcase with our partners has successfully demonstrated how we enable a common shared operating picture and extend interoperability across the fleet, including land stations and remotely-controlled vehicles,” said Dr Thomas Lehmann, head of business unit Integrated Mission Solutions at Raytheon Anschütz.

The UHSI32 combines multiple mission abilities with high-speed performance (over 45 knots) and an extended patrol period of three days. With a length of 32m and beam of 7m, its missions include maritime security, search-and-rescue, insertion, surveillance, and protection of assets at sea.

SYNTACS is a command-and-control solution that extends the integrated navigation capabilities to mission management or combat systems for small and medium platforms. It can integrate data from multiple on-board sensors and systems, compile the situational picture and provide a dashboard for tactical navigation, planning and mission execution.

“With its modular and innovation system design, SYNTACS is ready to handle the emerging requirements of future missions, and this includes autonomous operations,” said Dr Lehmann.

During the demonstration, the SYNTACS software was used to analyse data contacts and targets received through the UHSI32’s data links – including mission planning, tools for tactical manoeuvres, and the interfaces to sensors, actuators and effectors – and then were compiled to the situational picture in real-time. SYNTACS also operates with Sea Machines’ SM300 technology to execute autonomous operation of the UHSI32.

“The UHSI32 is the first high-speed interceptor in its class which incorporates autonomous technology,” said Fadi S Pataq of CMN NAVAL. “We will continue to collaborate with world leaders in specific fields like Raytheon Anschütz and push the boundaries of innovations in the naval shipbuilding world.”

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