Within a ‘Contratto di Programma’, Regione Puglia has approved MARIN (Integrated Marine Remote Environmental Monitoring), a project with a total investment of approximately €6m over three years.

MARIN focuses on a multi-functional, unmanned, and remotely controlled marine platform that integrates aerial and underwater drones. The project will take place in Lecce under the coordination of SEASTEMA (a Fincantieri Group company) and with the participation of RINA Consulting (formerly D’Appolonia), CO.M.MEDIA srl, Università del Salento, and Apphia s.r.l.

MARIN will allow SEASTEMA to consolidate and further develop its expertise for autonomous vessels and create a centre of excellence for maritime technologies in Lecce, thanks to the support of the Puglia Region and other partners.

Alessandro Concialini, CEO of SEASTEMA, commented: “We strongly believe in the development of unmanned ships and we are particularly proud to put our experience and know-how at the service of such a challenging project that could be the driving force and a boost factor for industrial innovation in the area and beyond. Thanks to these initiatives, SEASTEMA will strengthen its technological leadership in a very competitive sector.”