SANTI has announced that it is taking over Halcyon Dive Systems’ distribution in the UK and Baltic countries.

SANTI and Halcyon have been successfully serving the challenging market segment since 2014 when they joined forces to bring even greater value through innovation and service to the dive industry.

SANTI Diving Equipment and Halcyon Dive Systems combined two of the most innovative brands in the industry of technical diving. Working together, SANTI and Halcyon brought discerning divers and dive business owners a unique combination of premier dive equipment. The coalition provided new, collaborative research and development initiatives.

Tested in the furthest reaches of our underwater world, SANTI and Halcyon products continue to be the first choice of explorers, adventurers and technical divers. Since the coalition, new fruitful sales and marketing strategies have been implemented. Now, after Poland and Russia, SANTI has become a unique distributor of Halcyon products in the UK and the Baltic countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Customers will have great access to premier brands with the additional benefit of having a local expert capable of supporting all of their needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. Current dealership network functioning permits the transition to go smoothly and without any disruptions. Customer service and a wide selection of Halcyon and SANTI products will be available to a greater number of divers.

SANTI CEO Tomek Stachura said: “SANTI has achieved great success with the technical diving marketplace and continues to be well-respected by many famous divers.

“Now, taking over the Halcyon distribution in the UK and Baltic countries, we can expand the brands even further and offer a complete gear setup that we know is the best in the market.”

Both Tomek Stachura and Jarrod Jablonski, who are world-renowned divers and business partners, created highly specialised companies to help them achieve their ambitious underwater objectives and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding divers.

The SANTI / Halcyon relationship is on target to be a strong partnership for many years to come.