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Global defence and security company EXPAL Systems has presented the Deployable Area Control System (D-ACS) at DSEI 2019, the Defense and Security Exhibition that takes place in London from 10-13 September.

D-ACS is an intelligent system of surveillance, control and protection of areas and roadways, specially designed to be quickly deployed and collected by a platoon in the field using battery power. D-ACS is optimal for temporary protection of bases or passageways, although it can also be deployed for longer periods of time.

The system has been developed in close collaboration with the Spanish General Direction of Armament and Material (DGAM) and has been tested by the Paratroopers Brigade (BRIPAC) of the Spanish Army.

To protect the troops on the battlefield, D-ACS leverages the power of visual, radar and technological devices to process and provide reliable information in real-time so that users can anticipate threats, coordinate responses and make better and faster decisions.

This version includes passive optronic and infrared sensors to identify and react against threats such as light vehicles and troops. EXPAL develops the software and hardware and integrates all the systems and devices to operate coordinately and efficiently to protect the troops on the battlefield. Other types of sensors can be integrated into the system to meet Armed Forces’ needs.

Protect everywhere in three fast steps

One. The detection of threats is automatic based on optronic sensors and geopositioned passive IRs deployed at strategic points in the area to be protected.

Two. All the information is taken to a remote-control center, where the user visualizes the perimeter and identifies the threat.

Three. There is always a man in the loop, once the threat is identified, the man activates the actuators (lethal or not) to repel it. The real-time visualization empowers the commanders for an effective and fast decisions making.

Its architecture based on flexibility, ground adaptation and graduated response make D-ACS a very effective control system easy to configurate and adapt to every military doctrine. The system has been designed to operate in the most challenging scenarios and to be easily deployed in the field and roadways.