SAES was awarded the Research Activity Award to SAES in recognition of its diver detection sonar DDS-03.

The ceremony of the XXXI International Security Contest “Trofeos de la Seguridad”, which is organised by SEGURITECNIA magazine, was held in Madrid on 15 December and the event was attended by the Home Affairs Secretary of State of Spain. Among other award winners, beside SAES, the Military Unit for Emergencies (UME) and the National Centro for Infrastructure Protection and Cybersecurity (CNPIC) was also awarded.

The Diver Detection Sonar DDS-03 is the result of the SAES research activities in the sonar field and underwater security, specifically those focused on high-frequency active sonar for diver detection or mini-submarines. Detectability level of these targets is very low, and this is the main difference between this kind of sonar and the usual sonars, which are installed in ships and submarines to detect other threats.

The SAES diver detection sonar started as an own-resources project that also was supported partially by the Spanish Defence Department, who certificated, during hard sea tests, the accomplishment of the performance requirements of the system. Thereon, the industrialised version DDS was developed, including progress and new benefits. For instance, improvements in the acquisition, demodulation and digitalization of analogic signals and the increase of the detection range. In addition, it was included the control and display of several sonar units and digital charts. Among the last improvements, it highlights the remote supervision by mobile devices and the incorporation of tools for acoustic performance analysis and a device for communication and acoustic deterrence.

The DDS03 is a solution against underwater threats, which is commercialised as a double-use system for the protection of infrastructures as ports, energy plants beside the sea, offshore platforms and also anchored ships and other high-value assets.

New regulations for critical infrastructures in Spain and Europe make foreseeable this sonar integration into infrastructure and port surveillance systems increase.

The “Trofeos de Seguridad” awards is an annual contest organized by Seguritecnia in which some companies, institutions and professionals are awarded for achievements in security field or trajectory and where government, armed forces, policy and industry representatives assist. The contest has nine awards, for instance, the best security product, professional trajectory or research activity in security matter.