Shanghai Jiao Tong uni

Seated, from left: Alfonso Cebollero and Dr Yanping He; standing, from left: Xinlin Zhou, Songshan Hu, Min Wu, Dr Guangwu Liu, Dr Long Yu and Dr Ya Dong Liu during the signing ceremony at the stand of SENER in Marintec 2013.

On 4 December, during the Marintec 2013 international exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre, the Academic License Agreement between SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas SA (SIS) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) was signed.

By virtue of the Agreement, SJTU is granted the license to use the FORAN System for educational purposes, while SENER (Shanghai) Systems (SSS) is commissioned to provide training and technical assistance services, and collaborate in research, development and innovation projects as they develop.

SJTU is the People’s Republic of China’s leading university in the field of ship and ocean engineering. Founded in 1896, it consists today of 31 schools, spread over five campuses, and caters for approximately 36,300 students in under-graduate, master, doctorate and post-doctorate programmes. About 5% of its total enrollment are international students.