The workshop, held on 15 November in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, was part of the Hispanic-Norwegian maritime technology and renewable energy offshore seminar and meetings between Norwegian and Spanish companies. It was sponsored by the Canarian Society of Economic Development (PROEXCA) and Innovation Norway.

The workshop was organised by the Spanish Innovamar in order to promote the search for innovation opportunities and to encourage professionals to find answers to the increasing demands and expectations of the business. It was also organised to promote, in this first edition, international cooperation with Norway as one of major countries in Europe with further development and technological capabilities in the maritime industry.

From SENER´s side, Juan Garcia de la Vega made a presentation titled ‘Offshore wind farm, operation and maintenance; the first approach’. SENER has extensive experience in the shipbuilding industry in ship design and engineering for over 50 years. SENER is also developing solutions in other marine industry areas, such as the exploitation of marine and oceanic energy, by means of advanced technological innovations that bring added value. SENER has a strong commitment to innovation, as one of the values of its strategy as a company.