The SENER engineering and technology group will be at the LNG Bunkering Summit 2017 to present its revolutionary design for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunkering vessel. The conference is taking place in Amsterdam (Netherlands), and will run from January 29 to February 1.

The use of LNG as a fuel significantly reduces carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and almost completely eliminates sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrous oxide (NOx), and other polluting particles. As such, it offers the perfect solution for ships that are more respectful towards the environment.

As a company that is committed to this technology, SENER has embarked upon a research project with a double purpose: to design an LNG-powered vessel, and to design a unit to supply these LNG-powered vessels with fuel. The upcoming edition of the LNG Bunkering Summit will see SENER present the latter design, which comes in two ship versions.

The first has a bunkering capacity of 8,000m³, is 114.80m length, has a breadth of 20.40m, a maximum continuous rating (MCR) of 6,000kW, and carries two bunkering tanks.

The second supply vessel has a capacity of 4,000m³, is 85.35m length, has a breadth of 82.10m, an MCR of 4,000kW, and likewise carries two bunkering tanks. The LNG Bunkering Summit is a conference that brings together leading figures from ports, terminal operators, ship owners, suppliers and LNG technologists who are looking to form strategic partnerships and develop shared strategies aimed at strengthening the LNG bunkering market.

SENER is making strong progress in the ship design area of its business. This is thanks to its ongoing commitment to carry out state-of-the-art projects, thus enabling it to find new ideas that can satisfy market demands. SENER offers design solutions for any type of vessel or structure, notable examples being ferries, tugboats, fishing vessels, LNG vessels and support vessels.