The ASW system SDL- SS (Sensor Data Link – Surface Segment) developed by SAES has been successfully tested and accepted by the Royal Swedish Navy and the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) during the ‘Sea Acceptance Test – SAT’ conducted in Karlskrona. The SDL system is being installed in the Visby class corvettes, improving the ASW capabilities.

Thanks to the SDL system, platforms with minor capability of detection can increase the sensors beyond the limits of line of sight (LOS). In addition to this, tracking and classification of underwater and surface contacts are improved.

SAES states the SDL system can be installed and integrated in small combat ships like corvettes, OPVs and patrol thanks to the small footprint, lower weight, low maintenance (LRU level) and high functionality.

The SDL-SS is the best solution for the new needs of ASW missions, since among other attributes the system implements and collaborates in a network centric warfare (NCW):

  • Exchanges tactical and intelligence data with other surface platform SDL-SS (surface-to-surface communication)
  • Control an air vehicle (manned or unmanned) with SDL-AS system installed (surface-to-air communication)
  • SDL-SS system receives from SDL-AS tactical and intelligence information both acoustic and non-acoustic sensor (RADAR and FLIR) by data link (STANAG 7085)
  • Extend SDL capabilities beyond line of sight (LOS) capability through a satellite network (surface-to-satellite communication)

It should be noted that the HKP-15 helicopters of the type Visby corvettes have been equipped with SDL- AS (sensor data link – air segment) since 2008. Consequently, the Swedish Navy already has the complete SDL system.

"The small footprint, lower weight, low maintenance (LRU level) and high functionality makes it especially attractive for installation in small combat ships and aerial platforms" project managers say.

"It’s a satisfaction that the Ministry of Defence and the Swedish Navy trust in SAES since a decade to improve the capabilities of its fleet," the company director stated.

"We will continue providing all our technology and commitment to achieve its complete satisfaction,"