Savox will be exhibiting their products at Eurosatory this year. The company will be briefing clients on all the latest developments with their involvement in the Finnish Warrior 2020 programme in regard to the THOR tactical headgear system, as well as the latest on developments with the company’s C3/C4I-enabling IMP platform communications system.

The Savox THOR tactical headgear system for Special Forces, Security, SWAT and general defence applications has a modular, integrated construct, which makes it extremely versatile to meet the widest range of applications in today’s ever-changing battlefield landscape.

Its connectivity capabilities alone ensure that no matter who the end user is, they and all their helmet-mounted sensors, will stay connected with the operational scenario around them at all times. This makes THOR suitable for traditional urban counter-terrorism, security and police SWAT operations, as well as homeland security, Special Forces’ ops and even typical combat scenarios. Adopted by the Finnish Defence Force

A further star on the Savox stand will be the IMP C4I-enabling, next-generation, tactical, digital intercoms system. This supports intercom, radio and data transmissions in one solution for use aboard a wide range of land-based AFVs, such as self-propelled guns and main battle tanks, as well as APCs and a wide variety of maritime vessels. IMP provides full connectivity, both onboard a vehicle/platform, as well as outside into the wider tactical radio network; the system has already been adopted by high-profile end users in both Europe and the Middle East.

Savox is co-located on the Finnish Pavilion in Hall 6 and is on Stand D301.