Safety first on construction vessel Aegir

In the offshore industry, safety is paramount. On construction vessel Aegir, which belongs to the fleet of Heerema Marine Contractors, a safe working environment for the crew must be guaranteed at all times.

The applied Bolideck® system meets all requirements in the area of security and helps to prevent unsafe situations.

The construction vessel is impressive, not only in terms of size (210 metres long and 46 metres wide) but also performance. The Aegir has offshore techniques of the highest quality and the construction is suited for industrial applications at sea, such as the extraction of oil or gas.

Therefore, as a deepwater construction vessel, it is suitable for laying pipes on a (very) deep seabed.

The fact that Aegir is a unique vessel was emphasised by winning the KVNR Shipping Award in 2013. A custom-made crane allows the vessel to lay pipes in two ways deep water.

Heavy lifting and construction work can also be carried out by the Aegir: the ship can lift a weight of 4,000 tonnes and lower up to a depth of 3,500 metres under water.

During the presentation of the prestigious award Tineke Netelenbos, chairman of the Royal Association of Dutch Ship owners (KVNR) and jury president of the KVNR Shipping Award, called the Aegir ‘exceptionally innovative, with great attention to the environment’.

Safety first on construction vessel Aegir

Heerema is an innovator in the offshore industry. The Heerema Group was founded in 1948 by Pieter Schelte Heerema and specialises in the design and construction of offshore facilities, with Aegir being its showcase.

A construction vessel like the Aegir must meet several specific requirements in offshore technology: complex infrastructures and pipelines are often built in very deep water, but on the other hand the vessel needs sufficient lifting capacity to install fixed platforms in relatively shallow water.

In addition to the technical capacities, safety is of course of paramount importance.

The installed Bolideck® system replaced the existing tiles, which had become detached as a result of ingress of water.

The seamless Bolideck is waterproof, shockproof, impact resistant and meets all safety requirements.

This deck has replaced the previously existing tiles, which had become detached as a result of ingress of water. Bolideck® is waterproof, shockproof and impact resistant. Also, the floor system is easy to clean and slip resistant.

The latter ensures a safe working environment for the Aegir crew. In the past Heerema and Bolidt successfully worked together on the deep-water construction vessels Thialf and Balder. This newly applied Bolideck system shows Heerema’s ongoing confidence in Bolidt.