SAES – Underwater electronics, will attend the third conference on unmanned vehicles UNVEX 2014 to be held in Madrid from 4 to 6 March. Within the conference programme, SAES ASW systems manager Ignacio Gutierrez, will present his new ASW solution, at a conference entitled ‘Industry Solutions II’, scheduled for Tuesday, 4 March at 13.00.

New ASW missions require the use of UAVs as a distant and elevated platform without the need of a dedicated operator. In addition to this, different platforms deployed in the mission have to share tactical and intelligence information. In this context, the Sensor Data Link (SDL) is highly effective, as it is specifically designed for these new ASW mission requirements.

The SDL airborne segment (SDL-AS) is installed on unmanned or manned aerial vehicles and is operated remotely from the SDL surface segment (SDL-SS), which is installed on surface platforms (either on a ship or a ground station).

Therefore, the SDL system can work in a Network Centric Warfare (NCW) exchanging tactical and intelligence information between forces deployed in the ASW mission, improving the control of the mission and increasing the detection range.