SAES has successfully completed the Factory Acceptance Test of a Portable Measurement and Acquisition Ship Signatures System, MIRS (Multi-Influence Range System) bound for the Navy of an Asian country.

The tests consisted in a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and a full deployment of the units at sea.

Staff of the Navy attended trials in SAES facilities, highlighting the quality and performance of the system.

The supplied system is the latest generation of portable systems MIRS developed by SAES.

The SAES Multi Influence Range System MIRS provides the capability to assess the threat to any ship from Magnetic, Electric, Pressure and Acoustic influence mines.

MIRS is based on combining existing equipments already in service to fulfil the requirements on multi-influence detection:

Magnetic, Electric, Acoustic, Pressure and Seismic measurements of surface ships, submarines and influence sweeps. Degaussing Coil effect measurement and Degaussing Setting capabilities.

Wire or RF data transmission to the Control and Analysis Centre (Land or Onboard), and data Recording.

Real-time monitoring of any of the measured influences from on shore Control and Analysis Centre or from the own measured surface ship. Surface Ship DGPS Tracking and course/attitude recording.

Static and Narrow Band Analysis. Real Time display of the sensors and ship under measurement position.

Portable system, but also allows fixed installation. Modular design with capacity for growth. The small size and weight of the units allows to be easily deployed and collected from boats and small RHIB without the aid of diver.

The SAES Multi Influence Range System is designed primarily using Commercial Off The Self (COTS) equipment for maximum reliability at minimum cost. The design uses industry standard components from recognized sources and international standards, and include a Shelf Test and Calibration System.

SAES provides solutions and systems for neutralizing the submarine threat in all areas of activity, able to meet their needs in Sonar, Sonobuoy Processing, Security and Underwater Protection, Acoustic Signal Analysis, Signatures Measurement, Mining and Countermine tasks, Simulation and Training providing equipments and systems at the international forefront of technology.

Additionally, SAES offers a working line of consulting and advisory services for the definition and development of submarine and antisubmarine combat systems.