SAES has announced it will participate in the third edition of the Underwater Acoustics Conference & Exhibition (UACE) 2015 at the Island of Crete, Greece.

The event is designed for university scientists and engineers, research institutes, government organisations and all others in the underwater acoustics industry.

A representative of SAES commented: "For our company, it (UACE 2015) is a very important appointment, since it provides a forum where to show our recent research results, explain their implementation and application and display the latest advances in instrumentation."

SAES carries out important research, development and innovation in the field. In fact the last year, the company invested 4% of its annual turnover into R&D projects and activities. Both, from its own resources and in collaboration with other firms, the company has been involved numerous projects of international and domestic scope.

SAES employees Antonio Sánchez (R&D&i Manager), Francisco Javier Rodrigo (Head of Signal Group) and Esther Moya (System Engineer) will all be giving lectures at the event.

These will be on the following subjects:

  • Stand out characteristics of acoustic and seismic fields emitted by cruise ships in the Mediterranean Sea: This lecture will present the results of the research concerning underwater noise and seismic radiations generated by cruise ships and their correlation. Location: Lecture room C | Friday 26th June 2015 | 11:40-12:00| Minoa Palace Resort & Spa.
  • Analysis of the daily and seasonal variation patterns of underwater acoustic ambient noise in shallow waters in the Mediterranean Sea: This centres on analysing the underwater ambient noise variation patterns both daily and throughout the annual seasons in a shallow water environment. Lecture room B | Friday 26th June 2015 | 11:40 | Minoa Palace Resort & Spa.
  • Analysis of the information provided by different acoustic indicators of ambient noise and ship measurements. This research presents a study of a wide set of acoustic parameters, including SPL, marine spatial planning (MSP) & SEL, applied to ambient and ship acoustic measurements and on the way they can be utilised. Lecture room B | Friday 26th June 2015 | 10:00-10:20 | Minoa Palace Resort & Spa.

These researches are based on real ambient and ship measurements performed using multi influence range system (MIRS).