Oceanserver delivers next-generation AUV for water quality solutions with YSI systems and services

OceanServer Technology, the leading manufacturer of commercial Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), recently announced the continuation of a successful ten-year partnership with the launch of the next-generation EcoMapper.

The i3XO EcoMapper AUV is based on the robust Iver3-580 AUV platform and takes advantage of YSI’s expertise in water quality solutions. The i3XO AUV utilises the EXO water quality system to provide users with high-resolution water quality data, side scan sonar imaging, downward looking current profiling and a bathymetric surveying option.

Used by government agencies, military, universities, contractors, and private organisations, the versatility of the i3XO system delivers a wide range of simultaneous monitoring capabilities. The new compact EXO design provides new EcoMapper customers up to eight water quality parameters (via four sensor ports).

The 100m Iver3 based EcoMapper will benefit from an extended bottom lock range (up to 80m), forward looking object avoidance and swappable battery section along with new chirp based sonar systems.

All Iver3 AUV models come standard with OceanServer’s VectorMap mission planning and data presentation tool, which provides geo-registered data files that can be easily exported to other software analysis tools.

This unique AUV design has enabled OceanServer to establish a very strong position in the research space for AUVs, sensors and behavioural studies. The VectorMap programme can input NOAA electronic navigational charts (ENCs) or any geo-referenced charts, maps or photo images, allowing the operator to intuitively develop AUV missions using simple point-and-click navigation.

The base vehicle gives university, government and commercial users an affordable base-platform for sensor development or survey applications in water quality, sub-surface security and general research.