Oakwell Shipyard Co, part of the Oakwell Group Company, has recently started operations in its shipyard facilities at Sattahip, Thailand. The yard’s goal is to become a reference point in the demanding world of shipbuilding and repair, with a unique combination of European standards and Asian dynamism. In that direction, Oakwell Shipbuilding combines strengths from several parties and enlists people from different countries, in search of the best ones.

A key piece in this well-tuned organization is the computer aided design (CAD) toolset, which has to cope with the strict requirements of the design itself, the multi-access from lots of draftsmen and the variety of data from all the disciplines of the ship, combining a single and integrated piece of work from where all the design decisions are made, and from where all the production outputs are extracted.

Oakwell Shipyard has selected the FORAN System as the right choice to meet all these requirements, for the ship structure, machinery, piping and electrical design. The scope of supply and the number of seats will increase according to the shipyard activity. Precisely, Oakwell Shipyard has an orders book that includes seismic vessels and split hopper barges, among others.

Mr Ghani Japlus, Engineering Manager at Oakwell Shipyard: "With FORAN we cover all the design and production needs, so we simply concentrate in the ship itself. That’s a big step forward when it comes to compete with other shipyards, leaving more resources to gain in design quality. Yet FORAN has proven to be flexible and close to the customer, so we feel there’s support whenever we need it."