SENER has been hired by Murueta Shipyard to create a global finite elements model of two sectional dredgers that are 1,500m³ and 2,600m³. SENER will also develop the basic engineering of the central body for the shipyard 294, with the close collaboration of the design office of Astilleros Murueta.

The study to be undertaken by SENER is the dredgers structural analysis in navigation with a wave with 120º out of phase and from the bow. The ship behaviour will be studied, focusing on the sagging and hogging conditions, and torsion stresses from the waves to the bulwark and quarter.

The scope of the work includes the creation of a complete ship finite elements model for both dredgers from the basic engineering drawings developed by the shipyard, as well as local models for the cranes complying with ALM and ALS regulations and the shell opening for the suction pipe. This provides new solutions for operational challenges within the project.

SENER has also conducted a structural study on the bottom valves supports and the deck supports to analyse the stress concentration areas. These results are impossible to be obtained with a wire frame model.

The dredgers have a load capacity of 1,500m³ and 2,600m³ respectively and class Hopper Dredger, Unrestricted Nav, AUT-UMS, AUT-PORT, ALP provision cranes, ALP, forward maintenance crane, ALM middle maintenance crane, and dredging 8 miles from shore for the 1,500m³ dredge and dredging 15 miles from shore for the 2,600m³ one.

SENER has a highly qualified team for the development of structural analysis in vessels and other offshore units using the finite elements method.