LINKSrechts has successfully reached an agreement to supply a full LED lighting system for 30 offshore patrol boats.

The new LED advanced naval lighting system inherits the knowledge acquired during the last 15 years in the field of full LED lighting systems for submarines. This experience in the supply of LED lighting solutions for more than 50 submarines from 11 different countries has encouraged the development of this new advanced lighting system for surface ships. The ANLS (Advanced Naval Lighting System) fulfills the requirements of Military Surface Ships and follows the LINKSrechts philosophy of modular automatized LED lighting solutions.

LINKSrechts will continue to promote this ANLS to all our customers, shipyards and end-users, as a state-of-the-art turn-key solution, providing all the advantages of LED and automation technologies in the naval domain: long-life cycle lighting, reduced weight, size and power consumption, easy installation and maintenance, redundancy circuitries through electronics, and more.

LINKSrechts provides as part of this turn-key solution its expertise and insight in the conception of lighting solutions from the design through 3D lighting simulation, the cabling layout, the automation programming and the assistance to the installation and setting to work, as well as HAT/SAT phases.

The synergies gained during the 20 years of history of LINKSrecths in LED lighting solutions for visual landing aid systems (more than 100 ships equipped from 22 different countries), LED lighting systems for submarines (50 submarines from 11 different countries) and now for surface ships, with 30 ships, enable LINKSrechts to make a quality step as the reference supplier in LED lighting solutions in the naval market.

LINKSrechts is truthfully proud of the work performed for all our customers within this year and it is satisfied to reward the trust that shipyards and navies have invested on us.

LINKSrechts is committed to continue showing the same engagement and reliability towards our customers and end-users improving continuously the quality of our products and increasing our performance during our services to our customers.