Innovation Award

Essex Innovation Programme and Anglia Ruskin University has presented iX Cameras with The Innovation 50 Award.

The award is presented to the 50 brightest, fastest and most innovative companies in Essex County, UK. These businesses were chosen from thousands of applicants from a wide cross-section of industries and sectors. The selection process included a preliminary interview, plant tour, and a demonstration of the i-SPEED 7 camera.

Innovation 50 is a joint initiative between Essex County Council’s Essex Innovative Programme (EIP) and Anglia Ruskin University, aimed at identifying important characteristics and strategies for the 50 SME businesses in Essex. The winners are chosen following a review of revenue, number of employees, and share of marketplace.

iX Cameras director of business development Jonathan Hatton added, "This award represents all the hard work and effort our entire staff has dedicated in making iX Cameras an innovative company poised for future growth."

Innovation 50 is an exciting three-year project that aims to identify the most successful and growing SMEs across the county to find out more about their success and growth.

To learn more about Innovation 50, please contact the company via the enquiry form.