DSIT Solutions disclosed today that the Israeli Navy has purchased DSIT’s AquaShieldTM Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) and PointShieldTM Portable Diver Detection Sonar systems.

The company provided the systems to the Israeli Navy following a comprehensive review and evaluation process in which the Navy investigated competing systems and selected those of DSIT.

Commander R. Leshem, Head of the Israeli Navy’s ASW branch, said: "We have been operating both the AquaShieldTM Diver Detection Sonar and PointShieldTM Portable Diver Detection Sonar systems for quite some time now, to our complete satisfaction. We operate these systems around the clock to protect critical coastal sites and marine assets. We have found that these systems are reliable, easy to work with, and provide a good answer to our operational requirements. I definitely would not like to be a combat diver on an attack mission facing one of these underwater surveillance systems."

Dan Ben-Dov, DSIT’s VP sales and marketing, said: "A few years ago, we were very pleased to be the only diver detection sonar manufacturer to successfully pass the Israeli Navy’s strict evaluation process. The Israeli Navy is reputed worldwide for its advanced anti-terrorism activities, so their decision to procure DSIT’s underwater security systems was an important endorsement of our technology. Today, the fact that the Israeli Navy has made our systems an integral part of its ongoing operations is even more gratifying as it highlights DSIT’s position as a leader in the market for underwater port security solutions."

Benny Sela, DSIT’s CEO, commented: "We greatly value our good working relations with the Israeli Navy, which has been an important source of feedback regarding their operation of our systems, and are proud to be a vital element in their advanced security framework. DSIT is continuing to enhance its systems based on feedback from all of our customers."

John Moore, CEO of Acorn Energy, added: "We are honoured and pleased that the Israeli Navy shares our confidence in DSIT’s products and team. Benny and Dan continue to do an outstanding job of not only making the sale, but also effectively collaborating with their customers on a continual basis to ensure optimal performance of the critical security monitoring systems required by today’s tumultuous, worldwide conditions."