FORAN CAD/CAMSENER Ingeniería y Sistemas, and Guangdong Yuexin Ocean Engineering (GYOE) – formerly Yuexin Shipbuilding – have signed an agreement for the implementation of the FORAN CAD/CAM System in the Chinese shipyard, to be used in their shipbuilding activities. The agreement has been signed after a visit of a delegation from SENER.

Located in southern China, in the Guangzhou region, GYOE is a leading and expanding international player in new buildings, specialized in the offshore market. FORAN System was selected over other CAD solutions after a three month pilot test, with successful results.

A complete FORAN package has been installed in GYOE, including initial design, hull structure, machinery and outfitting, and drafting and mechanical CAD. Engineering personnel were given a hands-on training on different modules of the software, from United Force Corporation (UFC) local support members, and now the FORAN System is being used for their current ongoing design: a supply vessel for Tidewater operator, with azimuth diesel-electric propulsion which is their first hybrid propulsion and their first FORAN ship. The scope of FORAN use covers virtually all disciplines. The vessel is characterized for its high loading efficiency and very good comfort, with capacity for 60 people. Main particulars are: LOA 66m, beam 20m, depth 5.9 and maximum draft 4.3m. The service speed is 13kt and the working deck area is 400m2.

The technical director, Mr. Changgeng Li, said: "This is the first supply vessel of Yuexin that uses electrical propulsion and it is the first vessel of Yuexin to be designed with FORAN system. FORAN system is been used in all disciplines. The vessel has a high loading efficiency and very good comfort with capacity of carrying 60 crews. The vessel is planned to be delivered in July 2013." And, Mr. Luis García, SENER Marine business unit manager said after the contract signing: "We wish YUEXIN a fast success in the use of FORAN, taking a leader position in the shipbuilding race. There´s no better advertising than a winner´s story".

SENER is very pleased to see the expansion of FORAN in China as it aligns with SENER’s strategic plans for Asia, and is committed to promote the use of FORAN in China to improve the competitiveness of the Chinese shipbuilding industry. UFC has also participated in the agreement, as SENER partner for the distribution and technical support of FORAN in the Chinese market.