FORAN Used in New Jack-Up Barge Crane

FORAN was the CAD/CAM programme used by Drydocks World, Dubai, in the development of the engineering of the new jack-up barge crane, SEP – SAMRAT.

Drydocks World, Dubai, the flagship company from the Dubai World Corporation, is about to complete the production documentation and construction of the new vessel for specific offshore building duties.

The vessel is a non-propelled self-elevating platform, with a total lifting capacity of almost 2,950t, through the help of four legs and the corresponding jacking system. It is also equipped with a central main crane and auxiliary systems, such as mooring winches, diesel generators, hydraulic power packs and transfer pumps.

All the production drawings have been obtained with the in-house engineering capability, comprising highly-skilled personnel and the latest CAD/CAM solutions in the market. From the initial design to the final production drawing, FORAN ensures a seamless and comprehensive design environment, where every single component is fully integrated in the 3D product model.

With a length overall of 49.5m, a breadth of 25m and a draft of 2.5m, the offshore barge is classified by Bureau Veritas, with class I + HULL + MACH, Offshore Self-Elevating Unit, Special Service / Construction Works, Indian Coastal – Summer Zone Transit + ALM. One important characteristic to be mentioned is the led height of 60m.

The elevating spuds, which are pipe sections with 2.2m of outer diameter and 45mm of thickness, are actuated individually by a hydraulic jacking system, each of them capable of 1,055t of lifting force. The main crane is a Manitowoc 1800, with a rated capacity of 600t and a boom length of 97.5m. There are two generators, rated 335kW each one, and an emergency one rated 130kVA, and the mooring is ensured by means of six winches, each one rated 25t of pulling force.