The eighth edition of the FGROUP (FORAN Reference Group) meeting took place in SENER offices in Tres Cantos, on the 17 – 18 October 2013.

In total, 18 people from 13 key FORAN clients attended the meeting, with more attending this year as FGROUP expands as a fundamental FORAN event that usually takes place every two years. Not only were previous FORAN experiences discussed, but the development and the strategy for the future were too.

During the meeting, each company was invited to present their suggestions regarding their FORAN experience, specifics needs and any requests for new developments. Before the end of the meeting, SENER presented the strategy of FORAN developments, bearing in mind the contribution of all the attendees.

The opinion of the FORAN users has been since the origins a key factor in the FORAN strategy and SENER special thanks to the FGROUP attendees their participation.