BatteryA new line of modular buck-boost chargers for OEM applications that support a wide range of Li-Ion battery packs and provide full status monitoring via RS232 is being introduced by OceanServer Technology, Inc. of Fall River, MA.

Intelligent battery and power system battery controller modules can be clustered to regulate one to 32 Li-Ion battery packs from 10.8 to 28.8 VDC and provide step-up or down voltage, buck-boost charging, and accept inputs from 12 to 34 VDC. Featuring a Windows based software suite for easy OEM integration, these fully engineered battery controller modules provide full status monitoring and substantially reduce time to market.

Totally scalable and SMB compliant, these intelligent battery and power system battery controller modules let users see all attached batteries, monitor charge status, power consumption, log data over time, provide discharge rates and time to empty, and other data that can be viewed remotely.

Applications include hand-held wireless devices, direct drive motors, robotics, kiosks and other electro-mechanical equipment.