Forum Subsea Solutions, a division of Forum Energy Technologies, is pleased to announce the sale of a Sub-Atlantic Super Mohawk II ROV (remotely operated vehicle) system to Abyss International Benthic Exploration of Montpellier, France.

The Super Mohawk II is an ROV system suitable for observation, survey, pipe-lay support, light to medium work and NDT inspections. Abyss International will use this system for inspection, survey and intervention work in North and West Africa on contracts for several key, high profile clients.

The purchase of the Super Mohawk II ROV system gives Abyss International the opportunity to provide long standing customers, as well new customers a high-quality ROV service, holding ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

The Super Mohawk is an especially good fit because it can perform many of the tasks carried out by work-class vehicles.

Jean-Marc Moro, general manager of Abyss International, says: “I was persuaded by my first impressions of the Forum Energy Technologies ethos and vision. It seemed to me that, in addition to the quality of the Sub-Atlantic Super Mohawk ROV, a professional group of enterprises, organized under the same banner was a pledge of engagement, completely oriented towards a ‘total ROV Solution’. This partnership will assist me in the diversity of my needs and allow me to best meet my clients’ demands.”

The 2,000m rated Super Mohawk with advanced subCAN control software will be delivered in October 2011 with full launch and recovery, tether management systems and control van.