OSI Geospatial announced today that its international systems operations has been awarded a contract under which the company will supply its world-leading ECPINS® W (Sub) software to the UK Royal Navy’s Astute Class submarine.

“This significant win in a highly-competitive situation represents yet another example of the maturity and flexibility of
OSI Geospatial’s software for the submarine market,” said Ken Kirkpatrick, President and CEO. “OSI Geospatial’s
software was chosen for the UK Royal Navy’s most advanced nuclear attack submarine after critical analysis
determined that the unique features of ECPINS W (Sub) provide the submariner with a clear tactical advantage in
both open ocean as well as the complex littoral battlespace. OSI Geospatial’s solutions for the submarine market are
the most cost effective and lowest risk, which is why we continue to see this market expand. The company’s
submarine solutions also include hardware products designed to fit into the demanding space restrictions posed by
submarines. Amongst the list of customers that use OSI Geospatial hardware are the Brazillian Navy, Royal Australian
Navy, and the Canadian DND. Our software is also able to be installed into legacy and future submarine hardware
environments, bringing our total of submarine customers to seven, and it has been successfully interfaced to existing
submarine combat management systems. OSI Geospatial’s submarine WECDIS solutions are the most advanced,
operationally proven, and widely deployed today.”