Scandinavian Micro Systems (SMS) announced today from their headquarters in Kolbotn (Oslo), Norway, an order to install ScanDisplay guest infotainment systems on three Finnlines Ferries, to be completed by spring 2007. ScanDisplays will be installed on board Finnstar, Finnmaid and Europalink to provide Finnlines passengers with on-board information during the journey between Finland and Germany.

Oddbjorn Steinsland President and CEO for SMS said: "We are very happy to be working with Finnlines as our first major contract in the ferry / fast ferry industry. We have developed smaller systems for just this niche in the market place."

SMS has been developing cruise ship passenger infotainment systems for over 20 years. The first ScanDisplay design was a big and expensive wall map that only large cruise ships could afford. "We knew there would be a great market for ScanDisplay within the ferry, cargo and super yacht industry only if we could design a system that would be affordable, so we made a tremendous investment into the research and development of CruiseMonitor™, our smallest system," stated Steinsland from his Norwegian office.

The ScanDisplay line of CruiseMonitor is a looping presentation showing ships’ itinerary and position, up-to-date messages from the bridge telling passengers sailed and remaining distances, weather, and other features. Companies are able to select a number of key on-board features they would like to provide their guests with.

The large Finnlines passenger-cargo ships provide a comfortable, reliable ferry service all-year long between Helsinki and Travemünde.