SAES has signed a collaboration agreement with EXPAL for the manufacture and commercialisation of naval mines.

The agreement is the result of a close cooperation between both companies in search of opportunities, co-manufacture and sale of this type of product, and for optimising resources for manufacture and marketing.

The great capacity of multi-sensor detection and discrimination, together with the versatility for a wide range of explosives used in the warheads, gives SAES and EXPAL state-of-the-art technical systems. SAES and EXPAL have collaborated since 1989 in the design, development and manufacture of naval mines, developing together the moored mine MO-90, the anti-submarine mine CARMINA, as well as the underwater limpet mine MILA-6C. Both companies are committed to marketing the products to all different markets.

The need to perform new technological developments in this field and to meet worldwide needs and opportunities in this demanding sector have resulted in the signing of this significant collaboration agreement, which will provide coordinated actions in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and sale of products.

The program of the Spanish Defense Department for the development of the submarine intelligent mine, MINEA, is a special opportunity. The naval mine is designed to be launched from the submarine torpedo tubes. Its modular design allows an adaptation to any type of submarine. This also allowed the development of other forms, including a conical shape for use as anti-land mine on beaches.

SAES and EXPAL are in the combat MINEA testing phase for the exportation, which is already being already offered to different countries with protection needs of maritime supply lines.

These products will complete the family of solutions and systems provided by SAES to neutralise submarine threats in all areas. Our range covers requirements in sonar, sonobuoy processing, analysis of acoustic signal, port security, simulation, range system and signature measurement, and mined and countermine equipment and systems.