New from electronics packaging specialist Schroff is a compact MicroTCA system that can accommodate up to six single mid-size AdvancedMC modules in a 19in enclosure with a height of only 1U.

Featuring a special case design that ensures efficient cooling of the modules, the 1U MicroTCA system is ideal for use in high-performance multi-processor systems where rack space may be limited, for example in industrial or transportation applications.

It provides six slots for horizontal mounting of the AdvancedMC modules, as well as a dedicated slot for a MicroTCA carrier hub (MCH). In addition, the 1U system is equipped with a special MicroTCA backplane, a built-in power supply and a hot-swap-capable fan tray.

The topology of the MicroTCA backplane has been designed to allow simultaneous use of four different software protocols: GbE, 10GbE, PCIe and Serial Rapid I/O. All AdvancedMC slots are fully compatible with PICMG AMC.0 R2.0, the Advanced Mezzanine Card base specification.

With a depth of 350mm, the 1U system includes a 250W AC power supply unit behind the backplane, with a MicroTCA-compatible power management module in the form of a mezzanine board mounted on the rear of the backplane.
Efficient cooling is achieved by the temperature-controlled fan tray, combined with the triangular design of the side vents, which increases the effective air inlet and exhaust volumes by some 30%.

The result is a cooling capacity of 30W per AdvancedMC module and 40W for the MCH, with a maximum temperature rise inside the chassis of only 12.5°C. For further information visit Schroff’s website and