The new FORAN release, V60R1.1, includes a complete HVAC 3D design application for the definition and management of HVAC 3D diagrams, featuring pressure-loss calculations, HVAC ducts for dimensioning and balancing, fan-dimensioning (pressure and flow), faster ducts, 3D-modelling from HVAC diagrams and many more advantages.

This functionality is added to the advanced 3D-detail HVAC modelling and fabrication tools already available in former versions of FORAN.

As a consequence of the significant use of FORAN in the military shipbuilding market during the last few years, the release of FORAN V60R1.1 also introduces a powerful configuration tool to organise the access rights of different levels of users to each area or part of the 3D model.

In connection with this functionality, the next releases of FORAN will also incorporate functions for the traceability of changes and the maturity control of the 3D model. Current developments also include significant improvements in the distributed-engineering area.

Primarily making use of the replication capabilities of the Oracle database, the next releases of FORAN are expected to guarantee seamless and real-time integration of different sites working concurrently on the same 3D-model.

Structure modelling has been enhanced with new functions for profile connections that include the automatic insertion of brackets, scallops, collars and end-cut adjustments in different situations.

The FORAN Development Environment, a programming context intended for FORAN users based on a powerful yet simple scripting-language, has been extended to support output-configurations in different disciplines.