Cloudis Ltd, the cable-management software experts based in the UK, have released the latest version of their Configuration Managed Project Integrated Cabling (CMPIC) application.

CMPIC is used for managing cables from the design stage of a project through to installation and commissioning. Cloudis’ software is used by some of the world’s largest companies and has been successfully produced for 10 years.

This latest release introduces a number of significant enhancements to the application’s routing capabilities.


For companies who use conduit as a means of separating certain segregations of cables rather than physical spacing, CMPIC now offers support for this process. CMPIC has always calculated the percentage-fill of the nodal network as cables are routed, but this enhancement lets the user know how full the conduits themselves are becoming. The user can also use CMPIC to route his conduit at the same time as routing the cables.


CMPIC uses rules to help the engineer control cable-routing, and these have now been significantly enhanced.

Users can now employ rules such as prohibited node, required node, prohibited segment, required segment, named segment, barred cables and isolated cables. Zones can also be defined so that areas of a plant, or compartments of a ship, can be grouped together as a zone. These zones are then named (for example as ‘port’ or ‘starboard’), and cables can be allocated to only use certain zones.

CMPIC also ensures that cables which must always run alone (isolated cables) or those which must not share routes with other named cables (barred cables) always stick to these constraints.

CMPIC also supports the process of several people routing cables simultaneously. For example, if a cable’s route includes named or required segments, then the software will reserve space for that cable even though it may not yet have been routed. This ensures that an accurate picture can be maintained of space constraints and usage and avoid potentially expensive rework later on.

Jill Thorburn, Operations Director at Cloudis, says of the recent enhancements: "As a company we focus on cable management software. As such our strategy is to constantly look for ways to not only answer the needs identified by our customers but also to create new ways to save time and money by speeding up and simplifying the cabling process. These enhancements keep us well ahead of the competition and we are now looking to add yet further productivity improvements in the spring next year."