SENER, a world reference company in renewable energies, takes part in the ICOE 2010 on 6-8 October 2010 at the BEC! Bilbao Exhibition Centre, in Bilbao, Spain, with some of the company’s main projects.

Ocean energy projects such as BIMEP, EMERGE and OCEAN LIDER will be shown at the event as well as marine engineering projects such as the FORAN System, a CAD/CAM software for the design and conceptual work on ships, used by shipyards all over the world.

SENER is involved in ocean energy as the engineering company of the Basque Energy Agency (EVE), through the biscay marine energy platform (BIMEP). This project was set up by the EVE to develop an infrastructure for testing and demonstrating open-sea wave energy converters and is set to become one of the most important facilities of its kind worldwide.

Despite that, SENER takes part in two other marine power development projects, the OCEAN LIDER and EMERGE. Both projects are led by Iberdrola.

OCEAN LIDER is a project orientated towards the investigation in new technologies and energy production systems from renewable ocean sources, such as wave energy and tidal energy, including hybrid systems that allow the simultaneous capturing of wind and waves or tidal currents. EMERGE, on the other hand, is a R&D project for the development of floating wind turbine supports. SENER will contribute to the projects with all its quality and excellence that have been its hallmark throughout its 50-plus years of operating experience.

SENER’s capacity for anticipation in the power field as well as its ambitious technological development programme, have made the company a pioneer in the field of renewable energies, with innovative projects in solar power, new municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment processes and treatments for manure and oils, always based on efficient energy use.