SkyDec introduces ike1000 GPS capture for military engineering, the ideal tool for users to:

  • Rapidly capture critical geospatial information safely and carefully from a remote location
  • Verify positional data with a geo-tagged image complete with cross-hairs indication
  • Complete your field data capture efforts with the most advanced integrated data collection device available today

ike1000 integrates GPS positioning with a rangefinder, 3D compass instruments, and a digital camera to produce this sophisticated handheld GPS data collector. The user simply needs to point, aim and capture to instantly acquire geo-referenced images and target location data.

ike1000 allows field staff to remain safe and protected at all times. From up to 1000m away, users can capture valuable geospatial and imagery data without any risk to themselves or their co-workers. In many applications, ike1000 can minimise insurance expenses or even save lives

These features make ike1000 the most advanced remote data capture product on the market. With the power to map anything, ike1000 provides the safest, quickest and most convenient mobile data capture solution.

For more information or a live demonstration please contact SkyDec.