E-O Imaging has developed a high performance test-bed for the evaluation of countermeasures against a wide variety of airborne targets. The system design allows easy interchangeability of both the countermeasure and sensor systems based on mission needs.

ACTS is configurable for operation from remote locations at maximum distances greater than 4km using either RF or fiber optic links. The ACTS is capable of handling payloads up to 400 lbs. at angular velocities up to 100 degrees/sec and angular accelerations up to 100 degrees/sec/sec, providing pointing accuracies satisfying the requirement for precision tracking of airborne targets.

The ACTS provides the ability to record and store mission data for playback and post mission analysis. Video storage is provided for both analog and digital format sensors. The system has successfully demonstrated its capabilities with Directed Energy countermeasures against both supersonic and “slow mover” airborne targets.