Cloudis Ltd, the UK based specialists in Cable Management Software have released a bar coding interface to their CMPIC software.

The interface is a productivity enhancement to Cloudis’ existing Production functions which manage the planning, drumming, cutting and installation of cables and associated equipment.

The interface enables real-time collection of information during the cable cutting and installation process. The bar codes are scanned using portable hand-held devices with built in memory.

Using this approach speeds up the input of data by cable installers and eliminates errors.

As cables and devices are installed and checked, bar codes are used to identify the phases of the installation process as they are completed. Surplus cable lengths and other data, such as resistance, can be fed back into CMPIC also using bar codes.

On completion of a work shift or series of activities, the bar code scanner is returned to its dock and the data is automatically uploaded into a temporary area within the CMPIC application. The data can then be validated before committing it to the CMPIC database. Checks built into CMPIC ensure that erroneous data cannot be entered and rejects records which do not comply with these checks.

The rapid collection of information about cable installation means that project managers and planners can see the real – time status of all cables and devices by area, system, cable type, work package or project.

Like CMPIC itself, the bar coding data collection interface can be used in a multi-project, configuration managed multi-build, multi - team environment.